Direct Part Mark Title


InData Systems has developed optical systems to read some of the most difficult direct part markings.  Using the power of the Adaptus (TM) Imaging technologies developed by Hand Held Products, formerly known as HHP - a Welch Allyn Affiliate, who is the leader in the imaging readers and portable data terminals, with the patented optics and illumination systems developed by InData Systems, we can tackle some of the most challenging of direct part markings.  The ATA (Air Transport Association) Spec2000 is starting to set standards for the industry but varying materials and finishes demand different solutions for reading those marks. The US Government driven UID program as well as Brand Protection schemes of covert UV Bar Code marks are just two of the many areas that InData Systems is solving tough problems.

Our unique optics based scanners and terminals have been developed for the rugged industrial challenges of the manufacturing workplace.  Reliable, easy to use scanners and portable data terminals with the same optics, provide high value to companies needing to track direct part marked materials. Invisible UV barcodes are starting to be used for tracking registered brand, security based documents and other high sensitivity items .